Saturday, 30 December 2017

Casting Bulb Slabs - Continuation

Currently it is too cold for painting on the ship. That is a good opportunity to finish the remaining lead Ballast. The first two slabs were already casted in December 2012. Altogether now are 140 kg casted. That is about one half of the Ballast required.

The ballast bulb is made of slabs for easy handling

Casting a 45 kg bulb slab

The video shows the casting of a 15 kg slab

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Installation of a Biological Toilet

As one can see, my biological toilet is quite simple. In principle it is just a hole in a box with an inserted plastic bucket. In the bucket a compostable plastic bag with cat litter is hung.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Shifting from Shipyard to Fitting-Out Berth

I decided to shift the boat from the the greenhouse-shipyard to a fitting-out berth. Unfortunately the fitting-out berth is only another hall in an industrial zone and not a port. Advantage: The new location is on my way from workplace to my home. This saves me about 40 minutes driving time.

The boat has been lashed to the trailer and is hauled out of the greenhouse

The roller shutter door must be lifted up to the last lamella

Aligning the trailer for coupling to the car

The path to the road is quite narrow

We sailed successful round the corner on the first attempt - without touching the greenhouse

Arrival at the new location

Parking and aligning trailer and boat